Create a Self-Signed Certificate | Teradata Query Service - 3.01 - Creating a Self-Signed Certificate - Teradata Query Service

Teradata® Query Service Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

Teradata Query Service
May 2019
A self-signed certificate (SSC) provides security for an internal site or serves as a temporary measure while a fully authenticated certificate is obtained from a CA. Installing a certificate replaces the existing certificate. After a certificate is replaced, it cannot be reinstalled.
  1. From the Service Configuration list, click Configure HTTPS.
  2. [Optional] Select Require access via HTTPS for a secure connection when accessing the server.
    This check box is enabled only when the server is accessed using a secure connection.
  3. Under Self-Signed Certificate, click Create SSC and enter the certificate information.
    Field Description
    Common Name Domain name
    Organizational Unit Business unit
    Organization Company name
    City or Locality City or locality of the organization
    State or Province State or province of the organization
    Country Country code where the organization is located
    Email [Optional] Email address of the requester
    Expiration Select an expiration period
  4. Click Create.
  5. Click OK to confirm to install this certificate or replace the active certificate.
The certificate information appears in the Installed Certificate table.