Add a Teradata System | Teradata Query Service - 3.01 - Adding Teradata Systems - Teradata Query Service

Teradata® Query Service Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

Teradata Query Service
May 2019
  1. From the Service Configuration list, click Systems.
  2. Click "" next to Systems.
  3. Enter a name of the system.
  4. Enter a name of the host.
  5. [Optional] Enter a port number to change the default setting of 1025.
    Valid port numbers range from 1 to 65535.
  6. [Optional] Click Test to test the connectivity of the system and do the following:
    1. Enter a username and password.
    2. Select an authentication mechanism from the list.
    3. Select a character set from the list.
    4. Click OK.
      If the operation is successful, "" appears. If the operation fails, "" appears. Verify the settings are correct and try again.
  7. [Optional] Under Limits, change any of the following metrics:
    Metric Description
    Max idle time Amount of time, in minutes, that a session can remain idle before being automatically closed. This is the value used for implicit sessions and the default for explicit sessions.

    Default value: 10 minutes

    Valid range: 1-60 minutes

    Max implicit sessions Maximum number of implicit sessions that a single user can have open at a time.

    Default value: 5

    Valid range: 0-100

    Max explicit sessions Maximum number of explicit sessions that a single user can have open at a time.

    Default value: 5

    Valid range: 0-100

    Max queued requests Maximum number of queued requests allowed per user.

    Default value: 100

    Valid range: 0-100000

    User restrictions Use to include or exclude access to the system for specified users. This setting is disabled until the Host field is validated.
    1. Click "" .
    2. In the User Restrictions Authentication dialog box, enter your authentication credentials, and click OK.

      The User Restrictions dialog box appears.

    3. To restrict selected users, click Block selected users.
    4. To allow only selected users, click Allow selected users.
    5. [Optional] Enter a string to filter the list of users.
    6. Click the name of a user to select it.

      To select multiple users, press Ctrl while selecting additional names.

    7. Click "" to move the names to the Selected users box.
    8. To remove names from the Selected users box, select the names and click "".
    9. Click OK.
  8. [Optional] Under Session Settings, select any of the following settings:
    Setting Description
    Encrypt data Use encryption when transferring to and from the Teradata Database.
    Use X views Use X views when presenting metadata. X views are more secure, but may impact system performance.
    Transaction mode Transaction mode for the connection (DEFAULT, ANSI, or TERA).
    Default database Default database when logged in.
    Character set Default character set for implicit sessions.
    Query bands Key/value pairs to represent the query bands that should be associated with each session.
  9. Click Add.
    The new system appears in the Systems list.