Installing a Dell R730 Storage Drive - Aster Appliances

Aster Appliance 5 Platform Hardware Replacement Guide for Customers

Aster Appliances
February 2018
Hardware Servicing
Installing a Dell R730 Storage Drive
  1. Open the drive latch.
  2. Insert the new drive into the empty drive bay.
  3. Push the drive in until it is firmly seated.
  4. Close the drive latch and press firmly until a click is heard. A blinking green LED indicates that data is being restored to the new drive.
    If any problems are encountered, notify Teradata Customer Support. Use a contact method that is in accordance with your service contract. If your system is not set up with Automatic Incident Creation (AIC), log on to and initiate or update an incident. If your system is set up with AIC, close the maintenance window and add a comment.