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March 2021
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Media server data is autopopulated. You can view and edit if necessary using the BAR Setup portlet.
  1. Open the BAR Setup portlet.
  2. Under DSC Servers, select your DSC server.
  3. From the Categories list, select Media Servers.
  4. For each media server, verify the following:
    Option Description
    BAR NC Port Verify that the number of the BAR network server matches the server port setting in the DSA client handler property file. Default port: 15401
    IP Address This is the address of the media server.

    Do not use a link-local IPv6 address (begins with fe80).

    Additional addresses can be entered for network cards that are attached to the server. If there are multiple instances of DSA Network Client (ClientHandler), specify separate IP addresses. For example, configure the first media server configuration with the first IP address and the second media server configuration with the second IP address.

    IP addresses are not validated. Teradata recommends verifying that you can ping from the media server to the database and from the database to the media server.
    Network Mask Use the default network mask, populated by DSA, that is based on the data path between Teradata nodes and media servers.