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Data Stream Architecture
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March 2021
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If Data Mover is installed you must be careful when installing DSA or you can break the Data Mover installation.

Data Mover 16.20 and higher comes with DSA pre-installed and only supports the version of DSA that is bundled with that specific release of Data Mover. You must understand if the DSA configuration will be sharing any components with Data Mover (for example, the DSC or DSA Network Client (ClientHandler)).

If you install a version of DSA different than the current Data Mover installation, you must arrange to upgrade Data Mover to match.

Logical netmask: If DSA Network Client (ClientHandler) is shared with Data Mover, the logical netmask must be configured to allow communication between the Data Mover source and target systems.

See Teradata® Data Mover Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers for more information.