Completing the Procedure - Integrated Big Data Platforms

1700 Platform Hardware Replacement Guide for Customers

Integrated Big Data Platforms
March 2018
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  1. Return to Server Management Client.
  2. In the Locator LED Enabled window, click Disable. The software checks the operational status of the new power supply.
    If any problems are encountered, notify Teradata Customer Support. Use a contact method that is in accordance with your service contract. If your system is not set up with Automatic Incident Creation (AIC), log on to and initiate or update an incident. If your system is set up with AIC, close the maintenance window and add a comment.
  3. When the Disable Locator LED Success window appears, click OK.
  4. Clear the summary alert:
    1. Click the Summary Alerts tab, then select the alert summary folder containing the corresponding failed power supply.

      In the Synopsis field, the following alert indicates a failed power supply:

      Power Supply Failure detected
      SMP.x.x.x identifies the node with the failed storage drive. The first x is the system number, the second x is the collective number, the third x is the cabinet number, and the last x is the server management chassis ID number.
      Chassis ID numbers are shown in the cabinet build illustrations.
    2. In the Summary Alerts tab, select Functions > Clear Summary Alert.
    3. At the confirmation prompt, click OK. The status of the alert group changes from Active to Cleared. Clearing an alert group removes it from the list of problem scenarios being monitored.
  5. Close the maintenance window:
    1. In the Server Management Client window, click the Overview tab.
    2. In the Maintenance Window on the right side of the column, click the trash can icon.
    3. In the Maintenance Window, click Yes.
    4. In the Information window, click OK.