Chapter 5 Working With ANSI Bitemporal Tables - Teradata Database

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You can combine system time and valid time in a single table to use the features of both:

  • Adding a system-time dimension to a table lets you track all changes made to the table, leaving a permanent, persistent history of rows within the table itself.
  • Adding a valid-time dimension to a table allows Teradata Database to automatically adjust the valid-time period data as modifications to the table are made that affect the effective dates of the information contained in each row.
  • Because system time and valid time are independent dimensions any change to a bitemporal table affects each dimension independently, and the consequences to the table are a combination of the effects in cases that have been described for individual system-time and valid-time tables in Chapter 3: “Working With ANSI System-Time Tables” and Chapter 4: “Working With ANSI Valid-Time Tables.”