15.00 - Directory Options - System Emulation Tool

Teradata System Emulation Tool User Guide

System Emulation Tool
User Guide

Directory Options

Use the Directory tab to specify the directory and file in which exported emulation information is saved.

Note: It is not necessary to connect to Teradata Database for this procedure.

To select a path for saved information

1 From the main window, click Tools>Options.

The Options dialog box appears with the Customize tab selected by default.

2 Click the Directory tab.

3 To specify a folder in which to save exported information, do one of the following:

  • Type a complete path name in the Path box.
  • Select a folder from the Browse for Folder dialog box:
  • i Click Browse.

    i Click Browse.

    ii Select a folder under Choose Folder.

    iii Click OK.

    4 Click Apply.

    5 [Optional] To continue customizing a session, select another tab in the Options dialog box.

    6 To return to the main window, click OK.