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Teradata System Emulation Tool User Guide

System Emulation Tool
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Use the Set Target Level Emulation dialog box to define RAS, cost parameters, and cost profiles. The Set Target Level Emulation dialog box can be accessed from either the main window or from the Import window.

Note: This procedure explains the process of setting IFP and system levels for cost parameter emulation or cost profile emulation that can only be set by a DBC or SystemFE user. This limitation does not apply to setting RAS emulation. For more information, refer to SQL Request and Transaction Processing B035-1142.

Use the TLE function at any time during export and import operations. The following scenario is typical:

1 Export emulation information from a target system to a client machine.

2 Import that emulation information to a test system.

3 Apply TLE using the Set Target Level Emulation feature in Teradata SET.

4 Capture query plans using Teradata Visual Explain.

5 Analyze the query plan.

6 Reset RAS, cost parameters, and cost profiles on the test system using the Reset feature in Teradata SET.

To set TLE

Before using Teradata SET to control emulation, turn on the TLE feature for the test system. Using the DBS Control utility, set the general field 22 (Target Level Emulation) to TRUE. For a description of the DBS Control utility, refer to Utilities B035-1102.

1 From the main window or the Import window, click .

The Set Target Level Emulation dialog box appears and displays the available emulation information on the current system. The Set RAS tab is selected by default.



2 Do one of the following:

  • Select the desired individual RAS tags.
  • Click Select All to apply all of the listed RAS tags.
  • 3 Select one of the following to define the level of the RAS emulation:

  • Session
  • System
  • 4 Click the Set Costs tab.

    5 Select individual cost tags.

    Note: Only one cost tag can be set for each level.

    6 Click the Set Cost Profile tab.

    7 Select an individual cost profile.

    Note: Only one cost profile tag can be set for each level.

    8 Define the level of the cost emulation by selecting one of the following:

  • Session
  • IFP
  • System
  • 9 Click Set IPE Plan tab.

    Select one IPE Plan based on the selected System Tag name and the Request name.

    Note: Only one IPE Plan can be selected for Emulation. Unlike RAS and Cost parameters, IPE Plans can be emulated at SESSION (Request) level only.

    10 When finished making changes, click OK.

    Note: If TLE is set from the main window, Teradata Set performs the emulation request immediately and displays the results in the main window. If TLE is set from the Import window, Teradata Set performs the emulation request at the end of the import operation.

    11 [Optional] View the results in the summary report.

    See “View a Summary Report”on page 136.

    12 [Optional] Analyze query plans that are emulated on the test system.

    See “Perform Query Testing”on page 126.

    13 [Optional] Reset the original RAS and cost defaults on a test system.

    See “Reset TLE”on page 123.