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CLIv2 Setup

When using CLIv2, define an IP address and provide the name of the Teradata Database to use in the hosts file on the workstation.

Unlike the ODBC connection, no data source must be defined prior to connecting to a Teradata Database. CLIv2 connections are defined from within Teradata Set. See “Connect to a Teradata Database”on page 29.

To define an IP address and a name for a Teradata Database

1 Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the hosts file.

On systems running Windows NT or Windows 2000, the hosts file is located in the system32\drivers\etc subdirectory of the directory in which Windows is installed.

2 Double‑click the hosts file.

The Open With dialog box appears.

3 Click NOTEPAD.

4 Click OK.

The hosts file opens in a Notepad window.

5 At the bottom of the file, type:

xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ssscop1

where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the functional IP address and sss is the Teradata Database name.

6 Click File > Save.

7 Click File > Exit to close Notepad and return to the Windows desktop.

8 Verify the connection before opening Teradata Set and connecting to a Teradata Database.

See “Connection Verification”on page 29.