15.00 - Connection Verification - System Emulation Tool

Teradata System Emulation Tool User Guide

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Connection Verification

Test the connection between the workstation and Teradata Database before starting
Teradata SET.

To verify the connection

1 From the Windows desktop, click Start > Run.

2 In the Open box, type PING followed by the name of the Teradata Database and the cop1 suffix:

PING ssscop1

where sss is the Teradata Database name.

3 Teradata Database returns the following message:

Reply from xxx.xxx.xx.xx

where xxx.xxx.xx.xx is the Teradata Database IP Address.

Note: If Teradata Database does not respond to the PING command, contact the network administrator to determine the cause of the error.

4 Start Teradata Set.

See “Start Teradata SET”on page 28.