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Teradata System Emulation Tool User Guide

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Uses Imported Data

Capturing data from a target (production) system and applying it to a test system is a two‑phase process:

1 Relevant data on the target system is read and then written to a staging area.

2 The staged data is imported to the test system and applied to the appropriate data tables.

Imported data is used to:

  • Recreate the Optimizer performance characteristics of the target system.
  • Note: The Optimizer generates query execution plans based on many factors, such as available system resources, indexes, primary and secondary keys, and available statistics. All of these factors impact how the Optimizer creates the most effective execution plan.

  • Generate query plans that emulate those created on the target system under a given set of conditions.
  • Note: A small test system can be used to generate query plans that emulate a much larger target system.

  • Perform what‑if modeling.
  • Test, diagnose, and solve Optimizer-related performance questions that might occur in the target system.
  • Teradata SET also works with Teradata Visual Explain to emulate how a target system performs under specific conditions and workloads.