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Edit Import Information

The Windows editing commands, such as Find, can be used in the Import window to edit the text and tables. Edits are made in the right pane of the Import window.

The following information is editable:

  • Cost parameters, including DBS Control information
  • Object definitions
  • RAS
  • Statistics
  • Cost profiles
  • To edit import information

    1 From the Import window, select an object in the left pane to edit.

    Corresponding information is displayed in the right pane.

    2 Click .

    3 Edit the information by doing one of the following:

  • Double‑click the information in the right pane in order to edit:
  • Statistics
  • RAS
  • Cost parameters
  • DBS Control information
  • Cost profiles
  • Click under Object Definitions Information to edit object definitions directly.
  • 4 Click .

    5 [Optional] Save the changes to a different file name.

    See “Save Changed Information” on page 111.

    6 [Optional] Click to start the import operation.

    See “Import to a Test System” on page 95.