15.00 - Chapter 6 Export Methods and Options - System Emulation Tool

Teradata System Emulation Tool User Guide

System Emulation Tool
User Guide

Teradata SET is used to quickly capture (export) emulation information, which can be edited, and then import the information to a test system in order to imitate the target system. For example, using system information exported from a target system with four nodes, cost parameters and execution plans can be analyzed on the test system as if it also has four nodes. See Chapter 7 “Import Methods and Options.”

The Export feature can be customized to ensure that the test system imitates the features of the target system being analyzed (see “Export Options”on page 79). An overview of the process follows:

1 Before exporting emulation data, connect to a Teradata Database. See “Connect to a Teradata Database”on page 31.

2 Select an export method:

  • Query: To identify database objects for export using one or more data manipulation language (DML) statements. See “Export by Query” on page 63.
  • Database: To select database objects for individual export. “Export by Database” on page 74.
  • Workload: To identify database objects for export based on an existing workload definition. See “Export by Workload” on page 77.
  • 3 Customize the export operation. See “Export Options”on page 79.

    4 Export the information needed to emulate the target environment on the test system.

    The following topics explain how to use Teradata Set to capture information from a target system:

  • Export by Query
  • Export by Database
  • Export by Workload
  • Export Options
  • Estimate Export Time