15.00 - Load a query from a QCD - System Emulation Tool

Teradata System Emulation Tool User Guide

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Load a query from a QCD

1 Click Browse QCD.

The Query Capture Database dialog box appears.

2 Select one or more queries by doing one of the following:

  • Select one query.
  • Hold Shift or Ctrl while selecting multiple queries.
  • Click Select All to select all of the queries.
  • 3 Click OK.

    All of the selected queries are added under Selected Queries in the Export By Query dialog box.

    Note: To remove a query, select the query and click Remove.

    4 Under Export Options, select check boxes to define the exported information.

    Query text is retrieved from the QCD specified in the QCD Name box. If the Execution Plans check box is selected, the query plan also is retrieved from the database named in the QCD Name box. See “Export Options”on page 79.