15.00 - Chapter 7 Import Methods and Options - System Emulation Tool

Teradata System Emulation Tool User Guide

System Emulation Tool
User Guide

Use the import function to import emulation information to a test system where query plan analysis can be performed. To prepare for an import operation:

1 Read or review this chapter.

2 Connect to a Teradata Database. See Chapter 2 “Connection Methods.”

3 Perform an export operation. See Chapter 6 “Export Methods and Options”

The following topics explain Teradata Set import functions and options:

  • Import to a Test System
  • Change Import Options
  • Specify Objects for Import
  • Change RAS Byte Order
  • Edit Import Information
  • Change Permanent Space
  • Retry a Failed SQL Statement
  • Edit Information Offline
  • Save Changed Information
  • Display Existing Databases
  • Rename a Target Database
  • Undo Target Database Renaming
  • Reorder Databases
  • View Machine Configuration
  • Estimate Import Time