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Edit Information Offline

Teradata Set allows multiple versions of the emulation information to be saved in order to test different scenarios. While offline, the following tasks can be performed to modify the information and create multiple scenarios:

  • Open and edit emulation information.
  • Change import options.
  • Select objects for import.
  • Edit import information.
  • An import cannot be performed without a connection to a Teradata Database.

    To modify emulation information offline

    Use this procedure to create different versions of the emulation files to test multiple scenarios from one exported file.

    Note: While offline, all functions are available except the database interactive settings, such as displaying existing databases, browsing on the Parent Database box in the Import Options dialog box, and browsing on the Target QCD box in the Import Options dialog box.

    1 From the main window, click Tools>Customize Data.

    The Open dialog box appears and displays a list of available .mcf files.

    2 Select an .mcf file to be the source of the emulation information.

    The right pane displays information about the file, such as source system information, the exported options, and the export date. To close the right pane, clear the Show Preview check box.

    3 Click Open.

    4 [Optional] Perform one of the following procedures:

  • “To change import options” on page 99
  • “To select objects for import” on page 103
  • “To edit import information” on page 105
  • 5 [Optional] Save the changes to a new version of the file.

    See “Save Changed Information” on page 111.

    6 [Optional] Connect to a Teradata Database and import the new version to a test system.

    See “Import to a Test System” on page 95.