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Select the Demographics check box to export information about tables (demographic data). Demographics can only be captured and imported when a QCD is specified during an export operation. Captured demographics are collected in the specified QCD. To export demographics information in addition to the information exported when All is selected, select the Demographics check box.

Depending on the type of export operation performed, this feature either captures demographics of the tables and indexes referenced in a query or samples of all of the tables in a given database.

To change the demographics export options

1 From an export dialog box, click Options.

The Export Options dialog box appears. By default, the Demographics Source box displays the name of the active QCD.

2 Click Select Tables.

The Export Demographics dialog box appears and displays a list of the tables selected for export.

3 Define the way that demographics are exported.




Capture from QCD database

Export demographic rows, if available, from the active QCD source for the elements (objects) specified in the Demographics Source box. If rows do not exist for the selected elements, current demographics are collected into the QCD source, exported, then deleted from the QCD source.

Capture Current Demographics

Export current demographics into the QCD source that is specified in the Demographics Source box. If demographics for a table exist, the row is updated. If demographics for a table do not exist, the demographics inserted into the QCD are deleted after the row is exported.

4 [Optional] To view a graph or chart of the demographics for a selected table:

a Select a row under Select Rows.

b Click View Demographics.

The Demographics interface opens. Use the interface to display demographic data in various formats. For more information about the Demographics interface, refer to Teradata Index Wizard User Guide B035-2506.

5 Click OK to close the Export Demographics dialog box and return to the Export Options dialog box.

6 Click OK to close the Export Options dialog box.