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Estimate Export Time

After an export is defined (see “Export Options” on page 79), Teradata SET can be used to estimate how long it will take to run the export operation. If the estimate is high, the export parameters can be defined or the operation can be run at a more convenient time.

The estimate-time function is available for all export methods. Specific privileges and a connection to a Teradata Database are required. See “Estimate‑Time Rights” on page 24.

To view the estimated export time

1 Go to one of the following:

  • Export By Query dialog box (see “Export by Query” on page 63)
  • Export By Database dialog box (see “Export by Database” on page 74)
  • Export By Workload dialog box (see “Export by Workload” on page 77)
  • 2 Click Estimate Time.

    The Estimated Time dialog box appears and displays time estimates for each object being exported plus a total estimated time for the export operation.

    3 Click Refresh to view estimates of the time needed to export each object.

    4 Click OK to close the Estimated Time dialog box.

    5 [Optional] When exporting by query, a query can be removed or the estimated time for a selected query or queries can be viewed:

    a Under Selected Queries, right‑click on the row.

    b Select a command from the shortcut menu.