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Specify Objects for Import

Specific objects can be selected for import. Typically this is done when performing a partial import.

From the Import window:

  • The left pane (import tree) features an expandable view of the database objects, object definitions, statistics, and RAS that can be imported.
  • The right pane provides information about any object selected in the left pane.
  • For example, see Figure 10. When an object definition is selected in the left pane, the associated information appears in the right pane.

    Figure 10: Importing Selected Objects

    To select objects for import

    1 From the Import window, click next to each database object in the left pane to expand the view.

    2 Select the objects to import.

    A check mark next to an object indicates that the object is selected for import. A check mark appears next to every item by default.

    Note: If there is no check mark next to an object, it is not available for import. To import an object that is not included in the list of available objects, see “Change Import Options” on page 99.

    3 Clear the check box next to any database object that is not intended for import.

    Note: Clearing a check box at the parent level automatically clears all check boxes at the child level. Check boxes at the same child level can be selected separately.

    4 [Optional] Save the import options for a future import operation.

    See “Save Changed Information” on page 111.

    5 [Optional] Click to start the import operation.

    See “Import to a Test System” on page 95.