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Teradata System Emulation Tool User Guide

System Emulation Tool
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Key Benefits

Teradata SET imitates a target (production) system on a test system. System‑level environmental data is captured from the target system, then stored in relational tables. The Teradata Query Optimizer (Optimizer) processes information from these tables, together with appropriate column and index statistics, to generate query plans on the test system as though the operation occurred in the production environment.

Use Teradata SET to:

  • Imitate the impact of environmental changes on Structured Query Language (SQL) statement performance.
  • Determine the source of Optimizer‑based query issues using imported environmental cost data and random AMP sample (RAS)‑based statistical data.
  • The key features of Teradata SET are:

  • Works as a standalone application.
  • Interfaces with a Teradata Database using CLIv2 or ODBC.
  • Exports system information from a target system to a specified file on a workstation.
  • Imports system information from the workstation to a test system.
  • Displays the Query, Explain Text, Step Report, and Summary Information for queries in the Import window.
  • Allows editing of object definitions, statistics, RAS, cost parameters, and cost profiles before import to a test system.
  • Exports and imports data demographics of tables from one Query Capture Database (QCD) to another.
  • Provides a summary report of the failures and successes of an import, export, or undo (cleanup) operation.
  • Allows visual reordering of databases.
  • Exports and imports workload recommendations.
  • Allows other client applications to use Teradata SET functions.