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Teradata® Server Management Product Guide

Server Management
December 2018
User Guide

Access to the Web Client is controlled by built-in user roles with specific permissions for each role. Users are created by the system administrator, based on your level of access to the system. See User Roles.

Managing Users in Server Management 13.00

Server Management 13.00 introduces new user interfaces, roles, and user management that enables:
  • Collaboration between the customer and Teradata Customer Services. For example, both can view and manage system problems and comments, and create maintenance windows.
  • Customer control of policies over the connection between Teradata and the customer site, and the data and connections flowing between. For example, configuration of Policy Server or a proxy server with ServiceConnect.
The defined built-in user roles in Server Management 13.00 are as follows:
Role Description
Service User Teradata Customer Services users providing support for customer Teradata systems. This is a continuation of the traditional Service User role in prior versions of SMWeb.

Control site connectivity and policies, such as connection between the customer site and Teradata through ServiceConnect.

For many systems, Teradata Customer Services Analysts hold both the Administrator and User roles.

When customer policy requires, Administrator roles can be defined that are held only by the customer. The Administrator user can allocate or remove another Administrator.

User Regular (non-privileged) Users have limited access and views in Server Management. These Users have no access to policies, configuration, or commands.