13.00 - Navigating to the SMWeb Home Page - Server Management

Teradata® Server Management Product Guide

Server Management
December 2018
User Guide

The new home page for CMIC 13 is the new Web Client interface. From here you can navigate to the SMWeb Classic home page to access the Java Client and CMIC web pages by clicking at the top of the page.

The SMWeb Classic home page provides links to navigate back to the Web Client, to download the Java Client, or to use the CMIC web pages (Networks, Devices and CMICs). The CMIC web pages are used primarily by Teradata Customer Service Analysts.

Access to the SMWeb Classic home page is through the customer LAN or the Server Management LAN. The Server Management LANs are a pair of redundant network connections between the CMICs and the monitored/managed chassis in the Server Management domain. The SWS workstation also has access to the Server Management LANs, and the SMWeb Classic home page can be accessed from the SWS over this connection. Teradata Services uses the SWS for service operations. The level of service depends on the service agreement between Teradata Corporation and the customer.

All users can access the SMWeb Classic home page; however, further access requires specific permissions.

Access Method Steps
  1. Log on to https://<hostname or IP address of CMIC>:9981

    Any CMIC can be used.

    IPV6 addresses must be surrounded by [square brackets].

  2. On the Server Management landing page, click .
  3. On the SMWeb Classic home page, click Server Management Web Client or Java Client.
SWS desktop
  1. From the SWS desktop, click SMWeb Client.
  2. Log on with your username and password.