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July 2021
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[TD_SYSFNLIB.] AggGeom (
  ON ( SELECT ageometry [, part_column_list ] FROM [ database_name. ] table_name )
  [ PARTITION BY part_column_list ]
  [ USING OPERATION ('value') ]
) [AS] correlation_name [ ( column_list ) ]

Syntax Elements

A constant or column expression for which the aggregation is to be computed. The data type of ageometry is ST_Geometry.
The column name set by which rows are to be partitioned before being passed to the operator. If a PARTITION BY clause is used, the list of columns must match the part_column_list that was passed to the table operator.
The table that contains the geometry type column for which the aggregation is to be computed.
The type of aggregation operation desired, either Union or Intersection. Union is the default. The value must be delimited by apostrophe (single-quote) characters.
A name to be assigned to the table returned by the table operator.
Optional list of custom names for the columns returned by the table operator. These names override the column names that would be otherwise generated by the operator. If you specify any column names, you must provide names for all columns returned. If more than one column is returned by the operator, separate the names with commas.