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Teradata Vantageā„¢ - Geospatial Data Types

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July 2021
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Usage Notes

Vantage implements transform functionality that, by default, allows importing and exporting an ST_Geometry type to and from the server as a CLOB in WKT format. This means that a client application can use a CLOB to insert a value into an ST_Geometry column, provided the CLOB uses the WKT format of one of the geospatial subtypes that ST_Geometry can represent. Similarly, when a client application submits a query that selects data from an ST_Geometry column, by default, Vantage exports the type as a CLOB using the WKT format of the geometry that the ST_Geometry column represents.

Teradata also provides other transforms for the ST_Geometry type that allow for the import and export of geospatial data as other types and formats. For more information, see ST_Geometry Type Transforms