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2750 Platform Hardware Replacement Guide for Customers

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March 2018
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When installing a replacement drive, ensure that the replacement drive is foreign to the array. Do not use a global hot spare (GHS) drive from the same array.
If the replacement drive is FDE-enabled (contains a lock key), it must be reprovisioned (secure erased) before it can be integrated into a volume.
Installing a Storage Drive

  1. Open the drive latch and insert the new drive into the empty drive bay.
  2. Push the drive in until it is firmly seated.
  3. Close the drive latch and press firmly until a click is heard. As the HDD spins up, the drive's Service Action Required LED might blink intermittently.A blinking Active LED indicates that data is being restored to the new drive.
  4. Refer to the table below for instructions on how to proceed.
    If the replacement storage drive is... Proceed to...
    Brand new, non-FDE enabled (has never been installed in any other array) Completing the Procedure
    Used, FDE enabled (has been installed in another array, has a lock key) Reprovisioning Storage Drives, then Completing the Procedure
    Used, non-FDE enabled (has been installed in another array, no lock key) Completing the Procedure