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2850 Platform Hardware Replacement Guide for Customers

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February 2018
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The following cautions and warnings apply when servicing components in the rack-mount system.

This equipment has high leakage current. Reliable earth grounding of this equipment must be maintained. Grounding is provided by the power plug. The ground wire in each power cord is connected to a ground terminal in the power plug. The customer must ensure that the receptacle is properly grounded.

Only the hardware components described in this document should be serviced by non-Teradata personnel; all other hardware components in the Teradata system must be serviced by a Teradata Customer Support Representative (CSR).

Problems resulting from failure to strictly follow Teradata-provided instructions and documentation, use of non-Teradata-provided parts, accessing or initiating replacement procedures not covered in this document will void your warranty or service contract.

Data loss may occur from failure to strictly follow Teradata-provided instructions and documentation, use of non-Teradata-provided parts, or accessing or initiating other replacement procedures.

Failure to observe these precautions can kill or injure personnel or damage the system.

General Cabinet Servicing

The AC boxes in a cabinet are not intended to provide power to equipment that is not mounted in the cabinet. Plugging equipment not authorized for the cabinet into the AC box may result in an overvoltage condition or damage the external equipment. The cabinet contains more than one AC power cord. To remove all power from the cabinet, all AC power cords must be disconnected from the site power source.
Closely monitor the system through SMClient for temperature warnings during a service session with the front cabinet door open. In the event of a warning, close the front door immediately. Failure to do so will result in nodes shutdown, data corruption, hardware damage, or other problems.
Store all components in static-protective packaging.
After removing a board or adapter from its protective wrapper or from a chassis, place it component-side up on a grounded, static-free surface, or on a conductive foam pad.
Wear an anti-static wrist strap attached to an unpainted metal surface on the rack or chassis when handling parts.

Storage Drives

Teradata is not liable for customer data left on returned storage drives.

If you accidentally remove an active drive, wait at least 30 seconds, then reinstall the drive. Contact your service representative for further instructions.

The drive tray is designed to run with all hardware components in place. Do not remove a hardware component until you have the replacement component available.

To avoid damage to drives, never bump a drive against another surface that might damage the drive mechanism or connectors.

To prevent damage when removing or installing a drive, always place your hand under the drive to support its weight as you remove or install the drive.

To avoid loss of data access, never remove a drive that has not failed. Only remove a drive that has both the Service Action Required and Service Action Allowed lights on.
Always handle boards and adapters carefully and only by their edges.

Disk Array and Node Power Supplies

Do not open the power supply modules. There is a risk of electrical shock and burns from high voltage and rapid overheating.