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Teradata Vantage™ XML Data Type

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March 2019
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Programming Reference
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Some of the client and server interfacing parcels such as DataInfoX (parcel flavor number 146), PrepInfoX (flavor 125), and StatementInfo parcel (flavor 169) return the data type of the field. All parcels that contain the data type information use the following encoding for the XML data type. The encoding numbers defined follow the pattern for existing data types. For example, Nullable number is non-Nullable value + 1 and stored procedure IN parameter type number is 500 + non-nullable number.

  NULL Property Stored Procedure Parameter Type
Non-nullable Nullable IN INOUT OUT
XML Text Inline - for small XML values 852 853 1352 1353 1354
XML Text Deferred 856 857 1356 1357 1358
XML Text Locator 860 861 1360 1361 1362