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Teradata Vantage™ XML Data Type

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March 2019
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You can declare namespaces in two ways:
  1. Declare the namespaces in the query string. For example:
    SELECT CREATEXML('<a xmlns="http://td.com"><b>c</b><b>d</b></a>').XMLEXTRACT('declare namespace td = "http://td.com"; /td:a/td:b', NULL);

    The namespace is declared at the beginning of the query: declare namespace td = "http://td.com"

  2. Specify the namespaces in the nsmap parameter as a string of prefix=namespace_uri declarations with a space separating each namespace declaration. For example:
    SELECT CREATEXML('<a xmlns="http://td.com"><b>c</b><b>d</b></a>').XMLEXTRACT('/td:a/td:b', 'td=http://td.com');