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March 2019
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Programming Reference
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The XMLSPLIT table function takes a single XML document as input and returns multiple rows, each containing a smaller document split from the source document. XSLT based shredding or schema based shredding can then be applied to these smaller XML documents.

This function is useful in situations where an XML document needs to be processed in memory (for example, XSLT based shredding, XML Query, XSLT processing, and so on), and it is too large to be loaded into memory given the restrictions placed by the XMLMemoryLimit dbscontrol setting. XMLSPLIT requires XML documents to be passed in as parameters of CLOB data type; this is because XMLSPLIT is expected to be used as a pre-processing step to split XML documents into smaller documents before XML type instances are created for further processing. XMLSPLIT returns the split documents as CLOB data type.