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Teradata Database
June 2020
Programming Reference

When using Teradata Secure Zones, grants a user who does not belong to any zone the ability to collect dictionary data system-wide and across zones. This privilege applies only to access to DBC tables. It does not include data table access.

Required Privileges

Only user DBC receives this privilege during system initialization and only user DBC can grant the zone override privilege.

Restricted Privileges

You cannot use the WITH GRANT OPTION when granting this privilege.


GRANT ZONE OVERRIDE TO user_name [,...] [;]

Syntax Elements

The name of a user to whom you want to grant DBC table access across all zones to. You can specify up to 25 names in a comma-separated list.

Usage Notes

Users who are not zone users but who have the ZONE OVERRIDE privilege and also have EXECUTE privilege on DBQLAccessMacro can enable and disable query logging on all database objects in a zone.

Users with ZONE OVERRIDE privileges who also have SELECT privileges on V views have system-wide access.