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Advanced SQL Engine
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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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English (United States)
Too many vprocs assigned to node to start vproc %d.
The specified vproc cannot be started because the maximum allowable number of vprocs have already been started that node. This is most likely due to assigning too many vprocs to a single clique. When all nodes in the clique are up, vprocs can be distributed among them without exceeding the limit, but when only one node in the clique is up, there are too many vprocs to be migrated to that node.
Generated By
PDE Initialization.
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System Support Representative.
The specified vproc is not started, but PDE initialization otherwise continues normally. However, the lack of this vproc may lead to other problems during DBS startup.
This is probably due to an incorrect PDE configuration. This could also be due to corruption of the VConfig or VprocConfig GDO. Run vconfig -x and vprocgdo to display these GDOs. If they are not correct, rerun vconfig and force a TPA restart.