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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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English (United States)
AMP VPROC %VSTR is close to running out of physical disk space.
The database file system component has detected a condition where the physical disk space is getting close to the permissible limits. A request for any database/user that is adding space will result in error to avoid excessive usage under these boundary conditions.
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AMP Modules.
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Please monitor the space usage and either make space available by deleting data no longer required. The problem may also occur as most of the data is skewed on the AMP that raised the error condition. If tables with MAP definitions are present, check to see if they can be located in different MAPs such that the data from the AMP can be moved. Alternately, check if too many concurrent users are using up the spool space due to which this condition may be hit. If problem repeats it is time to do capacity planning and increase the system sizing to handle the additional data or workload.