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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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Operation not allowed: %DBID.%TVMID table header has invalid partitioning.
A table header is marked as invalid. This can occur due to a restore/copy of the table to another system with different hardware or operating system. This can also occur when partitioning involves character or graphic data comparisons and: i. The partitioning was created with MULTINATIONAL collation and the installed MULTINATIONAL collation had changed since the table was created. ii. The partitioning was created with CHARSET_COLL collation, and the associated character set defined in DBC.Translation has changed since the table was created, or is no longer installed. iii. The partitioning expression involves one or more Unicode character expressions or literals, and the system was backed-down to a previous minor that has a different Unicode character set definition (the later release has code points that are undefined at the previous release). In this case, the partitioning expressions need to be regenerated and updated in the table headers of the table. %TVMID indicates the table. %DBID indicates the database containing the table.
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mscbldridcol, AMP subsystem, OPT modules
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End User.
Correct the problem by using the ALTER TABLE statement with the REVALIDATE PRIMARY INDEX option. If revalidation is not an option, INSERT ... SELECT the rows into another table.