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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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The secure mode processes are not running; cannot execute UDF.
In order to execute a User Defined Function in secure mode on the system requires the UDF secure process to be running. For some reason it has not been established. Examine the system log forerror 7820 for possible explanation. Some possible reasons are: 1: Directory paths to /tpasw/bin/udf/udfsecsrvtsk does not have the correct directory protection. This is not an issue with a standard system unless the protections were changed manually. Follow the symbolic links starting at /tpasw. The directory paths must have read and execute for group and other. 2: The configuration file specified a count of zero for the number of 'udfsecsrvtsk's to set up. 3: The shared memory files cannot be accessed for some reason. Invalid access rights. If this does happen it can usually be remedied by deleting the udfsrv directory (see the documentation for location on various platforms.)
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