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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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Invalid Configuration Warning: %s
Either the gateway configuration, the PE configuration, the Lan configuration, the host group or the service setup is invalid, or they are inconsistent. If the problem can be resolved by the gateway rebuilding its GDO, as is the case when the inconsistency is caused by a configuration change since the last time the gateway started, the message will note that the gateway is rebuilding its GDO, and the gateway should come up normally. If the problem cannot be resolved by rebuilding the GDO, a default value will be used that should allow the gateway to come up normally, unless the value had been changed from its default. Note that a configuration change that prompts a gateway GDO rebuild can be intentional, as when host group membership is rearranged, or unintentional, as when a hardware problem forces a node to drop out, and again when the node rejoins after the problem is resolved.
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If the gateway cannot resolve the problem itself, you should correct the configuration. If the problem persists, contact the National Support Center.