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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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English (United States)
DBQL AWT DPS cache fault isolated (count %s).
The AMP DBQL software encountered a fault while using the awtDPS cache to collect AMP usage data (Algorithm 3 primarily). The fault was isolated to allow the step to continue. DBQL capture of AMP request and step data is impacted and the QryLog view DBQLStatus field (DBQLogTbl) will reflect that.
Generated By
AMP Worker Task (awtdps and other modules).
For Whom
System administrator & Site support representative.
This message is logged once per AMP and if faults continue on an AMP it is logged once more no sooner than 60 minutes after the first. The count value (faults isolated for this AMP) helps identify the extent of the problem. DBS Control parameter DBQLSnapLimit controls snapshot dumps.
This error should be reported to the site support representative including any snapshot dump for the error. Some DBQL AMP usage data is not being collected. When the system is restarted the awtDPS cache is created new, the same as a normal DBS TPA start and DBQL collection is no longer impacted. If this message reoccurs, report it. DBQL Algorithm 1 may be selected in DBS Control general 64 until the issue with Algorithm 3 is resolved. Be aware that DBQL usage data logged varies depending on the algorithm selected.