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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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Error in startup file: Unknown variable name File: %s line %d Line: %s
An error was detected processing one of the PDE startup specification files. The file name and line number where the error occurred are shown, along with the text of the line. The variable name specified in a SET specification is not one of the variables that can be set. Legal SET variables include: tpareconciletimeout Seconds to wait for reconcile process to finish tpacnstimeout Seconds to wait for console daemon to start tpacrashcleartimeout Minutes before before clearing global crash count tpaminsynctimeout Minimum sync point timeout in seconds tpanetdelay Maxumum netconfig phase delay in seconds tpavprcrashlimit Per-vproc crash count limit tpasyscrashlimit Systemwide crash count limit tpastoptimeout Seconds to wait for tasks to stop for debugging or a dump tpakilltimeout Seconds to wait for tasks to die before forcibly killing them msgconsbox Message consumer mailbox number msgconsprt Message consumer partition msgconsvprtype Message consumer vproc type msgprodprt Message producer partition msgprodvprtype Message producer vproc type segfilesize Number of 256MB chunks of segment space fsgminampslots Min 128KB FSG slots per AMP fsgmaxampslots Max 128KB FSG slots per AMP fsgpagespervproc Pages per vproc that FSG will not use tpamaxnets Number of networks tested for a split net tpadumpwait Set nonzero to enable waiting for dumps to complete tpanetwait Max secs for all nodes to appear on net tpabootwait Additional sec for boot startups tpaselwait Max secs to a select coordinator pdeassert Set nonzero to debug assert conditions
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PDE Initialization.
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System Support Representative.
If the name of a SET variable is misspelled, correct the spelling and restart PDE. If the cause of the problem is unclear, contact the Global Support Center for assistance.