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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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Mload table %TVMID cannot be released because NUSI exists.
The user attempted to release an Mload Apply Phase or Restoration Lock on a table that has non-unique secondary indexes. The table had been the target of an Mload that was aborted in the Apply Phase. There may be internal inconsistencies between the primary and its non-unique secondary indexes because not all inputs may have been applied to the target table.
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In order to be able to release an Mload Apply Phase or Restoration Lock, the table must not have non-unique secondary indexes (and fallback) or the table is empty.
Drop all non-unique secondary indexes and run the RELEASE MLOAD again. Alternatively, delete all rows or drop the table. Once the table is fully available, it may be desirable to rerun the Mload job; but many Mload jobs should NOT be rerun, as rerunning them would violate data integrity. If the table must be abandoned, either drop or delete, and then regenerate the table or restore the table from backups.