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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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English (United States)
Incompatible version in recovery status row.
The version number in the recovery status row on disk is incompatible with the current software version.
Generated By
Recovery, Booter, Idllink or AFUINQDI.
For Whom
End User.
This error occurs in two different cases: 1) An attempt was made to migrate across more software versions than supported. This may occur as a result of setting the version back to an obsolete version or by skipping forward across more than one software release. 2) An attempt was made to run with more than two joined DSUs with Release 3.0 versions of the Booter, or Idllink, or DBS software.
1) Reboot system at correct version or contact your Support Representative. 2) Unjoin all DSUs beyond the 2nd before running with Release 3.0 software.