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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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Map is illegal for operation.
This error message is returned when: a) a MAP clause is specified in a CREATE TABLE statement that creates a global temporary trace table, or b) a MAP clause in a CREATE/ALTER TABLE statement, CREATE/MODIFY USER statement, or CREATE/MODIFY PROFILE statement specifies TD_GlobalMap or TD_DataDictionaryMap, or c) the table specified for a Syslib.SparseTableAmps() function call is associated with a contiguous map. d) The default map for a user is a sparse map when a default journal table is specified in a CREATE/MODIFY USER statement. e) the map specified in a CREATE TABLE statement is not the same as the journal table's map. f) the new map specified in an ALTER TABLE...MAP or ALTER JOIN INDEX...MAP statement is the same as the current map. g) the contiguous map name specified for a Syslib.ContiguousMapAMPs() function call is invalid. h) A system defined join index is specified in an ALTER JOIN INDEX...MAP statement. i) An expression was not specified but a sparse map was specified for the hashamp or hashbakamp function.
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