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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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English (United States)
The default connection failed to establish a connection to the database.
This error indicates that the external stored procedure (XSP) tried to used the default connection but the connection had an internal error and the the XSP application server had to be terminated. This could be the result of a prior XSP application compromising the default connection. It could be caused be the current application also.
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FNC Library
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XSP application developer
Examine the XSP applications to make sure they clean up after they are done. The XSP should not end by not reading outstanding responses on the default connection. Usually the database will clean up the connection under these circumstances, but there is always a chance that the application could leave the connection in a state that could cause this error. Once this error is received the application server is terminated and a fresh process is created. So a subsequent run of the XSP application should not result in this error again unless the XSP application (or some other one) causes the situation again.