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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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English (United States)
The database '%VSTR' has tables with error tables defined in another database.
The above error is generated when a user submits a DELETE DATABASE command on a database that contains tables with error tables defined in some other database. The DELETE is disallowed in order to avoid orphaned error tables.
Generated By
OPD module(opddeldb)
For Whom
End User or Field Engineer or the concerned site support Representative.
Find all the error tables that are defined on the tables in the database being deleted by using the following command: SELECT BaseTblDbName, BaseTblName, ErrTblDbName, ErrTblName FROM DBC.ErrorTblsV WHERE BaseTblDbName <> ErrTblDbName AND BaseTblDbName = CurrentDBName; where <CurrentDBName> is the database name of the database being deleted.
Drop all error tables from the above list and re-submit the DELETE DATABASE command.