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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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Data rows discarded due to inconsistent hash codes
During a restore operation, some rows were discarded because of inconsistencies in the row hash codes.
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Two situations cause this error to occur: 1) During an attempt to restore a row, a row with the same rowid but different data was found on the disk. 2) During a specific-AMP restore, the AMP received a data block containing a row that it does not own, even though reconfiguration has not taken place since the dump. The situation may be caused either by a software bug (the rows were mis-distributed when the dump was taken) or a user error (updating the table before the table was completely restored). In either case, the restore continues unaffected, except that the offending rows are discarded. Associated with this error is a count of the rows discarded.
If the error is caused by an operational error, start the restore process over or accept an incomplete table. If there were no operational errors, contact your Support Representative.