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Advanced SQL Engine
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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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English (United States)
WARNING: Perform Row-at-a-time inserts instead of Block-at-a-time due to incompatible system/object characteristics.
A BAR Restore operation cannot restore whole blocks from the archive due to incompatible file system characteristics on the target system. The Restore operation will restore individual rows. It does row-at-a-time inserts and display this warning in the following cases and only when REBLOCK=false (Note that by default REBLOCK=false): 1) Source and target system have different alignment sizes. 2) When archive and restore is between committal and non-committal systems. 3) Source and target have different row formats. 4) When one or more of the backup streams contain AMPs belong to a cluster that has more than 2 amps and there was a down AMP in the cluster when the backup was taken.
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For Whom
End user of BAR Restore.
This is an informational message, not a fatal error. The Restore operation will complete successfully.
After completion of the Restore, contact Field Engineer and take appropriate action if necessary.