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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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English (United States)
Un(Compress) failed. Required hardware compression support package teradata-expressdx... and/or teradata-libeLZS... is not installed.
The selected compression algorithm (either ELZS_H or ELZS_S) requires the hardware compression support library in package teradata-expressdx... and/or teradata-libeLZS..., which is not installed on the system. Unless the support library is installed, this error will persist, no data can be compressed using the selected algorithm and any previously compressed data requiring the mentioned library/package cannot be uncompressed/accessed for further processing.
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File System
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TVI investigation
Indicates a configuration problem
Install package containing the hardware compression support library if 1) System should continue using ELZS_H or ELZS_S compression as specified in DBS Control GDO or 2) There's existing data on the system that was previously compressed with either ELZS_H or ELZS_S, irrespective of what algorithm is currently specified in DBS Control GDO, so that the compressed data can be uncompressed/accessed and recompressed using the selected algorithm or left uncompressed as desired. Otherwise, specify another compression algorithm if there's no data on the system that was previously compressed using ELZS_H or ELZS_S. On platforms (2690, 2700, 2750) that have Exar hardware compression cards install packages 1) teradata-expressdx 2) teradata-libeLZS Otherwise, install package teradata-libeLZS.