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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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English (United States)
Internal error: Please do not resubmit the last request. SubCode, CrashCode: %VSTR
Because of an internal problem, the PE has decided to take a Snapshot dump, and abort the given request. This is done instead of restarting the system.
Generated By
CON and PAR modules.
For Whom
End User, and System Support Representative.
"The variable portion of this message may contain up to three different pieces of information about the nature of the failure: a) A subcode which can be used to identify the routine which flagged the error. This will be zero if this error was originally flagged with an error code other than 3610, in which case examine b) the crashcode, which indicates the original error number used to flag the error. If this is zero, it just means that the original error designation was 3610. c) The TSET row ID, preceded by a string reading ""Failing query available in TSETQueryText table with row identifier "" This information will be included when TSET information has been successfully collected about the failed query. This information can be forwarded to support representatives to assist in reproducing the failure. TSETQueryText is a globally available system table that is created in DBC at system initialization (DIP) time. The row contains the following fields: QueryID (an internally generated unique (within the database) integer identifier for the failing query), ErrorCode (an integer showing the internally generated DBS error code, 3610 for the initial release), QueryTime (a timestamp of when the query was inserted into TSETQueryText), Handled (a boolean denoting if TSET has been executed for this query), and QueryText (the text of the failing query which caused the 3610 error). If a backtrace is available, find the function that called pardie. If this function is on the list below, the probable reason for the internal problem is given. If the function is not on the list, it is probable that pardie itself has generated the ERRTEQIFPDIE error. The numbering of the entries in this list corresponds to the SubCode given in the message text. 1: ctxlopa.c: conlopa 1) request number out of sequence 2: ctxpmpc.c: congtabt 1) confiabt returned bad outcome 3: ctxpmpc.c: consnabt 1) parameter AbtCtx equal to zero 4: ctxrbm.c: conrbm 1) request number out of sequence 5: ctxstop.c: SetAbortFlag 1) message class is not equal to SYSMSGDABCLASS, 2) message kind is not equal to DABCONABTRSPMSGKIND 6: ctxtsk.c: DoExeAbtOrBulkEnd 1) conftabt returned a zero value, 2) session is not properly quiesced, 3) there is a queued request for a parsing session during an abort 7: ctxtsk.c: ProcessRestart 1) a session in the incoming list is not in the session context 8: gncalloc.c: gnccopyalloc 1) the parameter Start specifies an invalid pstep segment location 9: gncapply.c: Run_EvlMach_R 1) PPI row is being processed but the partition is 0 10: gnccond.c: gnccond 1) the two operands on the evl stack have different scales 11: gncgtspl.c: gncgtspl 1) spool list is exhausted and spool cannot be allocated 12: gncvtutl.c: gncvtid 1) cannot find a free spool number 13: gnsmtb.c: GenPPIDesc 1) unable to get the ParIndexSpec node for the Primary Index 14: mgcexprq.c: mgcexpallamp 1) parameter Expkind needs to be equal to EXPRERXMSG or to EXPFTHMSG 15: mgctabhd.c: CopyIndexID 1) unable to get address to Faked Index List, 2) unable to match DupID 16: mgcudfspl.c: ExpReqASF 1) unable to discard a segment 17: opdcheck.c: SetThemUp 1) parameter ModtabPtr-\>Kind is required to be equal to ParModTab or ParTabRef 18: opdct.c: DoPPI 1) LastPartNoPtr for ParRange equals NIL 19: opdct.c: opdct 1) unable to update original create table statement with partitioning expression because of unsuccessful outcome from pardtree, 2) pardtree is unable to translate the ParCheckSpec tree into text 20: opdgrant.c: AddRight 1) an unknown Access right is being added 21: opdmodpi.c: DropUSI 1) initial node kind in StmtList is ParMVN 22: opdmodpi.c: getExtPartNo 1) field 5 of the table header is Null 23: opdmodpi.c: PartList2Cond 1) invalid node type passed as parameter 24: opd/opdmodpi.c: alterRange2Cond 1) invalid node type passed as parameter 25: opd/opdmodpi.c: splitRange 1) the number of partitions in the new range is greater than or equal to the number of partition
Save a test case, and contact your support representative for an analysis of the dump. If the TSET row ID is available, Support should recreate the conditions prevailing when the query was submitted using the TSET information, and duplicate the problem, enabling eventual resolution.