16.20 - Configuring Passwords for an Ecosystem Manager Server - Teradata Ecosystem Manager

Teradata® Ecosystem Manager Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

Teradata Ecosystem Manager
December 2020
  1. Log on to the standby Ecosystem Manager server as a syncuser.
  2. Stop all Ecosystem Manager services:
  3. Change any Ecosystem Manager passwords in the Database or OS.
    In the dual Ecosystem Manager environment, use the same passwords for both active and standby servers for the Database or OS.
  4. Run the password utility to change the emuser password.
    Enter OS or DB: DB
    Enter username: emuser
    Enter password: 
    Re-Enter password:
    Enter 0 for exit: 0
    Repeat the process for other usernames and passwords that you want to change.
  5. Run the upgrade script as a root user:
  6. Log on to the other Ecosystem Manager server and repeat the procedure.
  7. Finish configuration for the Ecosystem Manager environment:
    • For a single Ecosystem Manager environment, as a syncuser, run the following:


    • For a dual Ecosystem Manager environment, as a syncuser, run the following:


  8. Upon successful completion of running config_single.sh, complete the steps to run camconfig.sh as syncuser user in Installing Ecosystem Manager on VMware.
    If you are installing Action
    Ecosystem Manager This step is mandatory.
    Ecosystem Manager release earlier than and paired with a Viewpoint server that is version or higher This step is optional unless you see the following message after running config_single.sh and setting the parameters in the previous step:

    “-- Please run the script /opt/teradata/emserver/bin/camconfig.sh as syncuser to complete the configuration.—”

  9. Run the uiConfig script in Viewpoint if emuser password has been changed.