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May 2020
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Automatic Incident Creation (AIC) events for ML Engine help administrators detect and manage situations where there is cluster degradation and down incidents.

Applications send events to Teradata Vital Infrastructure (TVI)/Cabinet Management Interface Controller (CMIC). Depending on configuration, CMIC either logs the error or generates an AIC event and sends the event to Teradata Customer Support.

This table shows AIC events for ML Engine only.
MessageID Severity Description
TDMLEDiskFull65Percent Warning 65% of ML Engine container disk space was consumed.
TDMLEDiskFull80Percent Warning 80% of ML Engine container disk space was consumed.
TDMLEDiskFull90Percent Critical 90% of ML Engine container disk space was consumed.
TDMLEFailedToUpdatedQG Critical ML Engine failed to update QueryGrid Manager about the Queen pod location.
TDMLEFdrReachedMaxAttempts Critical FDR reached maximum attempts.
TDMLEFdrTimeout Warning FDR sequence failed due to timeout.
TDMLEPredictDiskFull Critical ML Engine container disk space exhausts soon.
TDMLESystemUp Warning Beehive is fine. Replication factor is one and ML Engine is up and running.
TDMLERFZero Critical The replication factor is zero and ML Engine is down.