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Teradata Vantage
May 2020
User Guide
When migrating from Aster Database to the Teradata Vantage environment, there are technical categories that must be considered. Work with Teradata Customer Support to create a migration plan.
Migration Categories Comments
  • User metadata
Users are converted as they are, with default options.
User data
  • Databases, schemas, and tables with their data are migrated.
  • Semi-automated migration that involves running scripts on Aster Database and Teradata Vantage.
  • There are limitations in migrating some objects and data arising from the limitations in data types, ranges, and so on, in Teradata Vantage compared to Aster Database.
Metadata Automatically generated for data migrated to Teradata Vantage.
Workflows Aster SQL and Aster commands must be converted. The migration tool is capable of either converting a single or a batch of Aster SQL/SQL-MR scripts into scripts that can be directly run on Vantage
  • User defined functions (UDF) and installed functions.
Installation of user defined functions and installed functions from Aster Database to Teradata Vantage is supported.
  • JDBC and ODBC-connected user environment.
The Aster JDBC driver must be changed to Teradata JDBC driver with the URL for JDBC connection.
ADE Functions developed using ADE work, but deployment requires alteration.
R Workflow must be migrated.
Other applications or scripts  
Teradata AppCenter connection and all Teradata AppCenter apps Supported
Aster Analytic Models Analytical Models from Aster Database to Vantage is supported.
ADFS Files used by Text analytical functions saved in ADFS of Aster Database are copied to CLOB/BLOB columns in Vantage.